Grievance Procedure


Families are asked to raise all grievances at center-level first. This will give those most closely involved an opportunity to address any issues in the light of a detailed awareness of the everyday issues faced at the Centre and a detailed knowledge of the family and child. The Center will maintain privacy and confidentiality to the maximum extent possible and assure families and staff of this.

It will be documented and an investigation will be made by the program director. All information will be filed and a meeting with both the staff and the parent/children concern will be scheduled to deal and find solution to any problem as soon as possible.



Parents can openly share to the director or staff any concerns regarding the care for their children.

Staff will deal with parents concern in a positive manner when a family has chosen to approach you with a concern about another staff member. Treat the matter with the utmost confidentiality, and raise the matter with the staff member concerned or with the Director, as you feel appropriate.

Once concern is raised changes/solution must be made as applicable to serve the families and children better.

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