Program Philosophy

Children are unique in their physical, creative, emotional, social and intellectual Development. Our Daycare and Out of School Care will provide opportunities for children to progress at their own rate and to develop interests in areas of their own choosing. We will create an environment in which children are given opportunities to learn through “Play” to enhance their imagination, creativity and curiosity. Through enriched play, children will be given an opportunity to develop ideas of cooperation, sharing, fairness and consideration for others.

We will provide a physically healthy and emotionally secure environment as the child adjusts from the protected individualized home to school to the group experience of our program. Our program will balance active and quite activities within large blocks of time to give the child the freedom to select the type of activity preferred. We will avoid prolonged sedentary activities or prolonged physical exertion. Our program will provide children with opportunities to grow in self direction and independence by allowing the children to make choices.

Children will be encouraged to think, reason, remember, experiment and generalize to challenge their intellectual powers. Creativity will be constantly fostered and recognized in all learning centres, providing an outlet for self-expression. Children will be encouraged to be verbal and to express themselves freely.

Our programs will be based on the concept that quality child care improves and strengthens family relationships by providing a safe and nurturing environment for the child enabling the parents to pursue their own vocational needs and provide for the well being of their family. Parent involvement, their ideas, inputs and suggestions will always be welcome. During the year, birthday parties, special celebrations, field trips and festive occasions will give parents an opportunity to participate in the activities of program.

All activities at our programs will endeavour to foster the physical, social, social-emotional and cognitive development of the whole child.

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